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Alnk.in Services

You can create and easily share a shortened link using Alnk which provides these features as well

Quick & Easy

Alnk is a quick and easy URL shortener, you just need to provide your long link of any size to create a short shareable link.

Link preview

Afraid of clicking on a link? Alnk provides a feature to view the destination link of the created short link by adding "+" after the short link.

Device compatibility

Our short links are compatible with each type of device including laptop, desktop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. also across all over the globe.

Reliable links

No need to worry from spam, phishing or viruses, we as Alnk doesn't allow the user to share these types of links and hence delete them.

Easy Sharing

Alnk short links are easily shareable on all the platforms, which the user can access across all over the world without any restriction.

Premium Features

To explore and use premium features sign up at Lnkiy and enjoy features like manage link, link tracking, API integration and more.

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